Funny Feeling Party Game

Funny Feeling - The Fun Party Game

We'll be launching the Funny Feeling Party Game later.

In the meantime you might like to play the online version of the game which can be played by 2 players and up who are in the same room using a computer, mobile device or tablet.

Scroll down for a text version of the rules.

Fun Party Game


Party Games (6+ Players)

Even number

Odd number

Performers in the same team

2 teams sit in an alternating pattern.

2 teams sit in a horseshoe shape facing a stage.

The Chief is after the Performer in the same team.

2-5 Players

Use Individual Play

Sit anywhere!



Fun Cards

9 Funny Feeling Cards and
6 Role Cards face up


Spin the spinner, whoever it points to starts. They are the Performer

Every Turn the Performer …


Takes an Ask, Say/Sing or Do card  as shown on the outside of the Spinner.

Rolls the die and reads the corresponding item on the card.

Turns the sand timer. 

You have 1 minute to perform the card and for your team to guess it.

At the end of the turn, place any Feeling or Role cards chosen or guessed at the bottom of the pile and replace them with new cards so there are always 9 Feelings and 6 Roles visible. Play then moves clockwise with the next person on the Performer’s left becoming the new Performer, or for odd numbers, the next player in the other team.

Map on cardsDo & Say/Sing Cards

Do and Say/Sing cards have a ‘map’ which shows which Feeling &/or Role to act.  The inside circle of the spinner shows whether to do a Feeling or Role.  In this example if the spinner points to:

  • Feeling use the middle of the nine Funny Feeling cards
  • Role, use the top right Role card
  • Combo, use both! 


Ask - Fun card game

The Performer reads the question out loud and secretly writes down which of the 9 Feelings best answers it for them personally.

Ignore Roles.

Do card games

The Performer reads the relevant action out loud in a neutral tone.

They then can’t talk or make a noise and must mime the action once or twice with the feeling &/or as the Role indicated.

Say or Sing Card

Look to see if the card has ‘Say’ or ‘Sing’ written under the map.

The Performer either says or sings the phrase with the feeling &/or as the Role indicated. Facial expressions are permitted, but do not use gestures!

Choosing a Card

The team shout out suggestions and discuss the answer but the Chief has the final decision and chooses a Funny Feeling &/or Role card by picking it up.

  • For Asks, Feelings or Roles correct guesses win 2 points
  • For Combos, if you guess either the Feeling or Role correctly win 1 point; if you guess both win 3 points.
  • Late or wrong guesses get no points.

Individual Game Play (2-5 players)

Each turn one player is the Performer and any other player can cover one card with their hand to choose it, or in the case of Combo cover a Funny Feeling and a Role card at the same time

If another player wants to choose the same card, they can cover someone else’s hand with theirs (they can ask to see the card underneath). Once a card is covered, you can’t change your mind!

Points are awarded to whoever guesses correctly, with the bottom hand receiving 2 points per correct guess (i.e. 4 for correctly guessing both cards in a Combo) and covering hands earning players 1 point per correct guess.

Winning the Game

The first team / individual to 15 points wins the game.


It’s natural to make noises when acting and move the body when singing, so if these don’t give away the answer, just ignore them. If they give a massive clue, the Performer should take another card and restart.

Depending on where you’re sitting, it’s sometimes easiest to identify the Feeling / Role you need by turning your card round so the map matches the layout on the table.

Want it easier?

If you want to make the game easier, you can:

  • Use 3 Role cards instead of 6.
  • Allow noises on Do rounds but not words.
  • Allow 2 minutes instead of 1 by turning the timer over.