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Memorizing techniques for card games that don't use suits

If you're playing a card game that just requires you to memorize numbers, but not suits, then you can instead use the Major System for numbers but with the letters assigned slightly differently.  Normally W, H and Y aren't used and the J, Q and K are already allocated.  Instead, use the J, Q and K sounds for Jack, Queen and King and add the W, H, and Y letters that aren't normally allocated so you can also use W for Jack, H for Queen and Y for King.  This creates the following table:

Number Sound Memory Aid Single Digit Examples
1 d, t or th d and t have 1 down-stroke and sound similar add, do, to, at, audio
2 n n has 2 down-strokes an, on, no
3 m m has 3 down-strokes am, I'm,
4 r r is the last letter of 4 or, ore, ire, air, Euro
5 l L is the Roman Numeral for 50 I'll, lie, ill
6 j, sh, ch, soft g In script j has a lower loop, making it look like a 6, g is 6 turned around age, ash, edge
7 hard c, hard g, q K is a pair of 7's stuck together go, goo
8 f, v In script f looks like an 8 if, eve, of, off
9 b, p P is a mirror image of 9 and b sounds similar pa, pie, ape
10 z, s, soft c Z is the first letter of Zero, the others sound similar use, ass, ice, sea
J J, W J is for Jack ow, Jo,
Q Q, H Q is for Queen Queue, he, hoe, aqua
K K, Y K is for King oak, OK, you

Other than the different allocation, you can memorize playing cards using the Major System (click the link for more information).

Alternatively, you may wish to memorize a complete deck of cards, including suits.