Funny Feeling Party Game

News about the Funny Feeling Party Game

Funny Feeling Party Game for Adults and Teens
Sing card

The Funny Feeling Party Game is currently at a final prototype stage and we're play-testing it like mad with groups from teens to adults.

We want to make the game as fun and exciting as possible and have already had some great feedback and ideas that we've incorporated into the game - whether from 3 people playing it as a family or 20 people playing it at a party.


We envisage the timescale for the party game launch to be as follows:

To Date

We're currently play-testing our third prototype for the game and have written all 1,000+ Feelings, Roles, Questions, Actions and Say / Sing cards

We've created an online version of Funny Feeling.  Click to play the game online.

March 2015

Completing the graphic design for the box and putting together promotional videos for the website

Doing final play-tests with rule variants

April 2015

Approaching distributors and wholesalers with Funny Feeling

29 - 31 May 2015 Launching the game at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham
August 2015 The first production run will be ready to be shipped and we'll receive our first finished copies of the Funny Feeling Party Game
September 2015 We anticipate Funny Feeling being available in shops in plenty of time for Christmas