Funny Feeling Party Game

About You & Me Games

Allison Carmichael - You and Me Games
Martin Woods - game inventor

The Funny Feeling Party Game was created by You & Me Games Ltd.

You and Me Games is a husband and wife team who hang out with a fun group of friends who love playing party games.  They were the ideal play-testers and have provided some great suggestions, many of which have been incorporated into Funny Feeling itself.

As well creating their own games, Allison is also the Director of Indigoextra Ltd, a company who specialise in graphic design, web design and illustration, including game graphic design.  Allison has designed a range of other board games and video games including:

  • The Da Vinci Game
  • Eurobabble
  • Liar Liar
  • Plyt

Martin is the co-Director of Indigoextra and is a wordsmith, having written a weekly cryptic crosswords for The Big Issue for over 10 years.  He loves anything related to games, riddles and role-playing.

Allison and Martin home educate their two teenage boys and live in Montpellier in South France.

You can contact You and Me Games Ltd using the form, or by writing to:

You and Me Games Ltd
Burnside Lodge
TD11 3NQ