Funny Feeling Party Game

Funny Feeling

A Party Game for Teens and  Adults

Funny Feeling is a fun and fast paced party game for teens and adults where you have to ask questions, mime actions and sing or say quotes or lyrics in a specific emotional style or in a specific role.  Your team has to guess which feeling you're acting out, or which feeling best fits the answer to a question in order to win points.

Emotional and Fun Party Game


Can you mime “Getting struck by lightning” in a Patient fashion?

Say sing game card

Can you say “More tea, vicar?” like a Vampire?

Can you sing “I see a red door and I want to paint it black” in a Devious way?

Ask party card

From 9 Funny Feelings, which best answers “If I had an imaginary friend they would be …”

If the spinner lands on a Combo, there’s extra fun as you act, say or sing both a Funny Feeling and a Role.

How would you act like a Playful Pirate or sing like a Shy Princess?

Thoroughly play-tested with individual gameplay for 3-5 players and party game rules for larger groups.

No general knowledge required!

The emotionally charged party game
Fun party game for adults and teens
Holding a Do card, looking at the Feeling cards
Funny Feeling Game Box